What makes BitWin24 different?
BitWin24 is the lottery that resolves the fundamental problems of classic lotteries both technologically and strategically:
The fact that the entire concept was developed and implemented on blockchain technology guarantees the highest possible security from a technical standpoint.
Tamper and forgery proof:
The draw is made on the Bitcoin Hash, which cannot be foreseen by anyone. So there is no way to manipulate a draw.
Ease of use:
Keine langen Wege mehr zum Lottoshop. Alles erfolgt bequem online über Ihren persönlichen BitWin24 Account, ob am Computer oder über Ihre App am Smartphone.
We are not restricted by national borders like state lotteries. We offer the lottery globally. This makes significantly higher jackpots possible.
Added value:
We offer even more added value in various investor and affiliate programs via the classic lottery game. In addition, every customer can participate in our value-added products
Lottery with "WinChain"
"BWI Coin Masternode"
"BWI Coin Staking"

Why should I play at BitWin24?
On the one hand, we offer additional values compared to classic lotteries.
But you can also support our high degree of social commitment with every ticket purchase. Every ticket purchase goes into the jackpot and with every winning draw we encourage and support specific projects that help people and organizations that are committed towards finding solutions to environmental challenges, energy, health issues, people in need, forward-thinking solutions, etc.

What does BitWin24 cost?
A ticket to play on BitWin24 costs 5.50 Euro when paid in EUR.
If you pay for your ticket in BWI Coins, you get two tickets for 5,50 Euro.
Since we have also listed the BWI Coin on the stock exchanges, the BWI Coin price is determined by the market value.

How exactly does one play the lottery on BitWin24?
Playing the lottery takes place entirely online. All bets that you place are to be filled out in the same way as in the classic lottery. The numbers are complemented by letters, so you can choose from 0 - 9 and a - f. The selection of your numbers and digits then determines the order of the combination you play with.

What happens if there are several winners?
There will be a fair pro rata allocation to the winning tickets depending on their winning numbers, i.e. whether they have a 3, 4, 5, digit combinations.

What are the odds of winning?
The odds of winning are described in detail in our white paper:

What can I win?
The prizes are only available in FIAT currencies or Bitcoins. Tangible assets are not granted as rewards for the time being. We reserve the right, however, to offer special promotions for our customers, which may offer material assets as prizes in the future. The jackpot determines the maximum amount of a win. Of course, the jackpot does not have to be hit to win something. Even combinations of three, four, five or six right characters win.

How can I win?
You can win in several ways:
by buying a lottery ticket and playing the traditional BitWin24 lottery
by recommending BitWin24:
See “WinChain” (considerable advantage).
through the Airdrop program (see Airdrop)

How is the jackpot paid out?
You have different payout options:
combinations of these

What is the Airdrop?
You will receive a share of EVERY paid out prize for each coin you hold in a registered wallet (hodl),

Thus, the Airdrop offers an additional source of recurring income.

Who gets paid from the Airdrop program?
The condition is that the BWI-Coins have been purchased BEFORE the launch of the lottery platform. All coins purchased after the start of the platform are not eligible for the Airdrop program. All coins bought before that date will be paid out on EVERY win. 1s wins do not count towards the total win amount, so do not count towards the 10% airdrop percentage.

Which coins can participate in the Airdrop?
You can purchase BWI Coins in the following ways:
Direct purchase via the BitWin24 platform
Receive BWI Coins through Masternode Rewards if you operate a Masternode
Or through staking your coins held in the BWI Wallet

All Coins acquired through these channels before the start of the lottery platform are eligible for the Airdrop program. The terms (master node, staking) are explained in our Whitepaper.

Airdrop example
Let's assume a total of 1 million BWI Coins are sold by the time the lottery platform is launched (regardless of whether in master nodes or individual purchases).
Let's assume that in the first lottery draw a total prize of 1 million EUR is paid out.
10%, i.e. EUR 100,000, will now be distributed to the investors, who are holding the 1 million BWI Coins.
The exact Airdrop share per BWI Coin held is calculated as follows:
EUR 100,000 / 1 million BWI Coins = EUR 0.10

This makes the BitWin24 Airdrop a unique opportunity for every investor who has bought BWI Coins before the launch of the lottery to earn long-term profits and be part of the BitWin24 success formula.

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