Terms and Conditions of Use
Art. 1 Scope

These Terms and Conditions apply exclusively and irrevocably to all business relationships with Visitors in connection with BITWIN24 in the latest version. They regulate the access to the Website, the participation in the Lottery, the use of the online services, the use of client software and all services o.ered or provided by BITWIN24 and its Operator. Every de facto participation in the online services already includes a consent of the Terms and Conditions. If Visitors do not unconditionally agree to these terms or withdraw their consent in whole or in part, they will be excluded from further use.
In addition special regulations may apply in individual cases to the Terms and Conditions which the Operator will refer separately.

Art. 2 Definitions

These definitions apply to the whole Terms and Conditions, to all business relationships from the Online Presence, to all products and services of the Operator. Any application of the terminology used here or other words of the text in singular, plural, capitalization and regardless of gender should be regarded as interchangeable and therefore refer to the same.

Airdrop means a pro rata exclusive winnings sharing in each lottery draw, depending on the number of BWI coins held by qualified investors. The purchase of these relevant coins must be completed before the start of the first lottery draw.

App stands for software applications developed on behalf of the Operator and made available by the operator for free or chargeable (provided software).

Blockchain refers to the digital database of a cryptocurrency in a decentralized network. A blockchain (also block chain) is a continuously expandable list of data records, called "blocks", which are linked together by using cryptographic methods. Here in particular the blockchain of BITWIN24 Coin (BWI) and Bitcoin (BTC).

BWI Coin or BITWIN24 cryptocurrency is the currency associated to the lottery network, but not the draw amount. Lottery Tickets can also be purchased with BWI Coins. Technical data can be always found in the lastest version of the BITWIN24 white paper.

Exchange is a trading platform where everybody can buy, sole or exchange coins and tokens for a service fee.

FIAT or FIAT currency only refers within these Terms and Conditions to the aspect of internationally tradable national currencies and NOT the entirety of exchange objects without physical value.

Hash is a character string which content represents a certain information. In the case of BITWIN24, this is the hash of a Bitcoin transaction at a certain point in time.

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is used to finance a business idea and the establishment of the associated blockchain. Normally, an ICO can be associated with exclusive rights or user rights to the resulting blockchain.

Investor means the owner of BWI Coins which was purchased or generated by operating masternodes. Depending on the type of storage, the time of purchase and the current market situation, there may be different returns.

Lottery is a type of gambling in which participants buy a Lottery Ticket and submitting at leastone tip.

Lottery Tickets means in connection with these Terms and Conditions the intangible right to submit a tip and requires the payment of the ticket price.

The Online Presence includes all Websites and downloadable files of the Operator on the World Wide Web combined under the domain bitwin24.io as well as all related information and functionalities. This also includes all publications on social media and video channels as well asvideo conferences for marketing and information purposes.

Operator here denotes the company GETNODELLC OÜ, Tuukri 19, 10152 Tallinn, Estonia, registered under No. 14877132, its legal representatives and shareholders, as well as all employees.

Smart Contracts are digital protocols with prede.ned conditions of processes and support the process execution technically. In this way, the tip will be fixed at BITWIN24.

Users are Visitors who have successfully registered on the Website and opened an User account.

Visitors are all natural persons, companies or other legal persons who access the Website, access information or use online services.

A Wallet stores the private key (s) and provides the owner a management platform for his coins. Download services for desktop and mobile wallets of the BWI Coin are available.

Website here means only the pages of the Operator of the individual web address http://bitwin24.io/… in the World Wide Web.

Win-Chain or Referral System is a relationship chain of Users across different levels, which is built up by recommendations.

Art. 1 Information about possible risks

Gambling can be addictive. Lottery participants should not plan for future winnings or get into debt. With the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, Users and Investors confirm that they have informed themselves about all risks of financial derivatives, blockchain technologies anddigital media including price fluctuations, the possibility of economic loss or the loss of expectedincome or profits, as well as dangers from cyber crime. The Operator also expressly draws attention to the safe and confidential storage of access data.

Art. 2 Pre-sale of Lottery Ticket

In the run-up to the Lottery start, the Operator carries out an ICO (ticket pre-sale) in which Investors can purchase BWI coins. The Operator has the right to divide the pre-sale into an internal (existing customer) and a public phase. Investors can qualify for the right to an Airdrop by purchasing the BWI coin up to a certain key date, which the Operator publishes on its Online Presence and in the latest version of the BITWIN24 white paper. The Operator also announces the height of the Airdrop on his Online Presence and in the lastest version of the BITWIN24 white paper. The Operator reserves the exclusive right to adjust the height of the Airdrop to the current economic situation.

Art. 3 Purchase of BWI coins

The purchase of BWI Coins is intended via the Operator´s Online Presence, feasible partner programs, selected exchanges and multi-wallet providers. The Operator provides information on his Online Presence which sources of purchase are currently available.

Art. 4 Registration of Users

Natural person must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity. The User must have
unrestricted agreed to the present Terms and Conditions after having read them carefully and fully
understood them. If there are any questions or something is unclear, the Operator will help
willingly via the contact options on his Website.

All information during the registration process must be complete and truthful. Failure to do so can
have legal consequences. Users should have previous informed themselves whether there are
legal restrictions on gambling and / or cryptocurrencies in their home country. The provisions in
Article 9 of these Terms and Conditions apply accordingly.

When registering, the User automatically creates a personal User account. User data and active
games can be managed on the User dashboard of the account. In addition, the term, bets and
typed strings are visible to the User.
If the Operator provides an app for operating a User account, this way will be also possible.

Art. 5 Conditions of participation for the lottery

The basic requirement is successful registration, the associated creation of an User account and the fulfillment of the conditions from Art. 4 and Art. 9 of these Terms and Conditions.
The purchase or possession of lottery tickets is required in order to participate in the lottery. The purchase of lottery tickets can be possible by bank transfer, blockchain transaction, credit card payment, direct debit or Apple Pay, depending on the currently released payment systems. Payment can be made in cryptocurrencies or FIAT currencies, depending on the payment system and the acceptance of the Operator. The Operator provides information which payment systems and currencies can currently be used via his Online Presence. The Operator is free to choose preferred payment methods, e.g. payment with BWI Coin to o.er discounted ticket prices.
In addition, it is mandatory for participation that the User submit at least one game tip consistingof a sequence of 6 characters plus an additional character. Eligibility requires payment of the full bet including fees (ticket price). The characters: 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and the lower case letters:a, b, c, d, e, f are permissible. The input is made via the respective provided input platforms: Website or App. It is not imperative to provide all possible platforms at all times.

Art. 6 Use of the ticket price and Lottery

The betting game is automatically activated and fixed in the related Smart Contract after entering the 7 characters and the integrated ticket price has been paid. The order or arrangement of the characters is decisive in the draw. It is possible to tip several times for a draw and to buy severaltickets. The bets, draws and typed strings are visible to the User on the User dashboard of the User account.
All proceeds from the ticket sale, minus a service fee, a social share for donations to social projects and the Airdrop, go to the amount of the draw. This amount is Bitcoin (BTC) based and all deposits in other currencies will be exchanged in BTC.
The drawing is based on the following principle: the drawing algorithm determines a random pointin time. At this point in time or closest to the point in time, the hash of the corresponding transaction is read from the blockchain of the BTC. The .rst 6 characters read from the right result in the winning characters and the 7th character from the right results in the additional character. Drawings take place at regular intervals, as described in the Operator´s Online Presence. Further technical information can be found in the latest version of the BITWIN24 white paper.
The winner is someone who has typed at least 3 correct characters or is partially integrated into the Win-Chain of a winner (see Art. 7). The winnings are staggered up to the maximum win for 6 correct characters with an additional character. The winnings do not have to be claimed, winners are contacted or their winnings are paid out in the desired currency. Further information, such as the amount of the win scales or share of the Win-Chain per level will be published regularly by the Operator on his Online Presence.

Art. 7 Referral system

The referral system o.ers Users the chance of additional winnings or income if they recommend the lottery to new Users. The prerequisite is that the own User account continues to exist and that the new User has created and is currently operating a User account. In this way, a relationship structure between the Users is established across unlimited levels.
The Operator has the right to form play communities from these relationship structures down to the level of his choice (Win-Chain). Winnings sharing within the Win-Chain at higher levels (therecommenders) is possible if there is a winnings in the lower levels to a new Users which was recommended. The Operator is entitled to adjust the conditions in advance and publish them on his Online Presence.
Furthermore, the Operator can grant commissions for the ticket purchase within these relationship structures. The Operator specifies the amount, the payment modalities and up to which level commission will be paid and publishes this on his Online Presence. The Operator has the right to adjust these conditions with four weeks´ notice.
If a User terminates his User account, he irrevocably loses his claims to winnings sharing and commission. In this case, the claims to the next higher level, if available, can be passed on.
The User is responsible for all legal requirements and for taxation that could result from this income.

Art. 8 Disclaimers and limitations of liability

The information on the Website is provided to the greatest extent permitted by law. The Operator excludes all representations and warranties regarding correctness and completeness in relation to the Website, the Online Presence and its content as well as the content provided by a.liated companies or third parties. This includes all presentations, demonstrations and descriptions.
The Operator is not liable for indirect damage or consequential damage related to the Website, the Online Presence, participation in the lottery, the use of the online services which are o.ered, the use of client software and all services offered or provided by BITWIN24 and its Operator whether the consequences was foreseeable or not and may happen in a normal case like things happen.
In particular, the Operator is not liable for damages as but not limited to damage of computer hardware or software, systems and programming or loss of data at the Visitor or User as well as economic losses, loss of business or loss of profit. The Users were also informed about possible risks in Art. 1.
Furthermore, the Operator is not liable for direct damage, with the exception of gross negligence or intent. Any liability for damage caused by criminal acts by third parties is also excluded, as well as for damage caused by force majeure, in particular by fire, water, storms, strikes, explosions, internal unrest, terrorist attacks, epidemics, pandemics or other reasons that are beyond the responsibility of the Operator.
The Operator also assumes no guarantees for the availability of the World Wide Web or the Website, as well as compatibility with browsers or operating systems. This also applies to the Apps. In addition, maintenance work or updates that interrupt the operation or use may berequired from time to time. Furthermore, the Operator is not responsible for the continuous, trouble-free operation and security of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency networks.

Art. 9 Legal requirements and sanctions

The User declares by its agreement to this Terms and Conditions that he has not been affected by any sanction or that he has been listed by any competent supervisory authorities. He must
In addition, the User con.rms with his consent to the Terms and Conditions that he is acting on his own expense.
The operator grants the right to request proof of the identity of the User. For natural persons, this is usually done through an o.cial document from an authority (e.g. identity card), with legal entities through a current commercial register extract. Winners can expect a detailed vetting.
In the case of incorrect or incomplete information as well as fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, the User shall indemnify the Owner from all legal consequences and financial damages. Additionally, the Owner will immediately suspend the User from the use of Website and services. The Owner reserves the right to take legal actions.

Art. 10 Waiver

No waiver of any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions will be deemed to constitute a waiver of any other provision nor shall such a waiver constitute a continuing waiver unless otherwise expressly provided in writing duly executed by the party to be bound thereby.

Art. 11 Termination

The User can request the termination of his User account in writing at any time by using the contact options on the Website. Tickets which are already purchased will not be refunded. The access to any credit expires with termination. Therefore, a previous transfer to another account or an Exchange is recommended. At the same time, any claim to commissions or winnings sharing that may arise after the day of termination will expire.
The Operator has an extraordinary right of termination if there are good reasons against continuing the business relationship with a User. There is no entitlement to the reimbursement of tickets, unpaid or future payments, commissions and winnings sharing.

Art. 12 Severability clause

Should a provision of the Terms and Conditions be ineffective, the ineffectiveness has no influence on the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions, which can become effective without the ineffective provision. The Terms and Conditions remain valid.

Art. 13 Changes of the Terms and Conditions

The Operator has the right to adapt the Terms and Conditions to new circumstances or legal changes at any time. Changes must be made in writing and must be visible to Users. However, a renewed consent of the User on the changes is not necessary. It is suficient if the Operator willinform about the existence on his Online Presence. The right of objection remains unaffected.

Art. 14 Applicable law and legal recourses

Every User accepts these Terms and Conditions by participation. With the blockchain, the drawing of the winnings is transparent, forgery-proof and finally to the exclusion of legal action.
Regarding the license for gambling, the laws and legal regulations of Curaçao, of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as far as these are not limited to the mainland, as well as partial aspects of EU law are applicable.
For all other legal matters, the laws and legal regulations of the Republic of Estonia are applicable.
The Operator retains all copyrights, property rights and IP rights to the content of its Online Presence and the software which are provided. Users cannot sublicense the software which are provided by the Operator. Duplication and distribution of content from the Online Presence, even in a modi.ed form, is only permitted with the prior written consent of the Operator.
For data protection issues the Operator refers to the Privacy Statement on his Website.
Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions, the Online Presence and the services will be .nally settled by arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (Paris, France). The arbitration will be held in Tallinn, Republic of Estonia and the language of the arbitration will be English.
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